Student Publications

Publications are created each semester by the students in WGS 690: Senior Seminar, the capstone for majors in Women and Gender Studies.

WGS 690 focuses on enabling students to evaluate their learning progress by creating a portfolio which includes writing a paper analyzing their work. Students then collaborate to produce a publication.

Thank you.  what are you gonna do with that? journal cover

Thank You

Spring 2023


The Resistant 11

Spring, 2020

WGS690 Publication Cover for Fall 2019

Room 16

Fall, 2019

Monstro-city Spring 2019 cover


Spring, 2019

Incognitx Fall 2018 publication cover


Fall, 2018

Cover for Spring 2018 publication

WGS690 Spring. 2018

Spring, 2018

The Future Is, WGS390 Fall 2017 cover

The Future Is...

Fall, 2017

Branching Out, WGS690 Spring 2007 cover

Branching Out

Spring, 2017

My Body, My Rules, WGS690 2016 Cover

My Body, My Rules

Fall, 2016

Resist and Revolt, WGS690 Spring 2015 cover

Resist and Revolt

Spring, 2015

Thick Skin, WGS690 Fall 2014 cover

Thick Skin

Fall, 2014

The Feminist Killjoy Cookbook

The Feminist Killjoy Cookbook

Spring, 2014

This Reconstruct, WGS690 Fall 2013 cover

Reconstruct This (2013)

Fall, 2013

Buttons making up the cover for the WGS690 Spring 2013 journal

WGS690 Spring, 2013

Spring, 2013

Unphased, WGS690 Spring 2020 cover


Spring, 2012

Deconstruct This, WGS690 Spring 2011 cover

Deconstruct This (2011)

Spring, 2011

Deconstruct This, WGS690 Spring 2010 cover

Deconstruct This (2010)

Spring, 2010

Deconstruct This, WGS690 Spring 2009 cover

Deconstruct This (2009)

Spring, 2009

Deconstruct This, WGS690 Spring 2008 cover

Deconstruct This (2008)

Spring, 2008

Deconstruct This, WGS690 Spring 2007 cover

Deconstruct This (2007)

Spring, 2007

WGS690 Publication Cover for Spring 2006

Deconstruct This (2006)

Spring, 2006