About Us

Welcome Letter to Students from Department Chair Professor Kasturi Ray

Although SFSU has offered classes relating to women's studies since 1971, it wasn't until 1976 that the Department of Women and Gender Studies was founded, becoming one of the first such departments in the United States. Forged out of transformative activism and scholarship, the department uses interdisciplinary approaches and foregrounds transnational and intersectional relationships among gender, race, sexuality, nation, labor, technologies, and globalization. Our students engage in challenging academics, work closely with professors, and lead community initiatives. Faculty typically teach three courses per semester (though competitive awards of release time for research are often available), maintain an active research and publishing profile, and advise undergraduate and Master’s students in the department. We encourage intellectual collaborations within the department, as well as across the profession, and also support applications for internal and external funding to support research productivity.

WGS examines the power relationships between gender formations and political economies, cultural productions, and embodiments. Understanding gender as co-constituted with race, class, sexuality, and nation, the department deploys an interdisciplinary and transnational methodology to build feminist archives, conversations, and tools for social justice. In developing and communicating its understanding of gender and power, the department pays particular attention to insights from critical race and postcolonial studies. Viewing the production of knowledge about gender as itself political, the department seeks --in its research, teaching, and community building-- to explore both gender’s embeddedness in current forms of injustice as well as its past and emergent potential for transformative politics.

Both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts programs are offered, as well as courses for general electives and for those minoring in Women and Gender Studies.


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