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Major in Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies examines the importance of gender and feminism in relation to issues such as race, class, sexuality, labor, colonialism, multiculturalism and globalization. Students study how bodies, families, communities, and nations are gendered in specific cultural, political, and historical locations, and investigate connections to their own lives, roles, and contributions.

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Women and Gender Studies Publications

Publications are created each semester by the students in WGS 690: Senior Seminar, the capstone for majors in Women and Gender Studies.

Minor in Women and Gender Studies

The Women and Gender Studies minor is an 18-unit sequence well-adapted for combination with many existing majors. The nine units of requirements, six units of stipulated electives and three units of free electives provide a grounding in feminist perspectives and theory. It also provides an opportunity to acquire backfround on feminist issues in a number of disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields (e.g., history, psychology, sociology, literature, cultural studies).