Minor in Women and Gender Studies


Students wishing to declare Women and Gender Studies as their minor can now do so online, via Camus Solutions. Students can still make an appointment with one of the undergraduate advisers and fill out the minor advising form before the appointment.

A minor in Women and Gender Studies can be useful in conjunction with many majors, (e.g. Humanities, Human Sexuality, Counseling, Psychology, Anthropology, Health Education, the Social Sciences).

The minor offers students majoring in other areas a coherent supplementary program in Women and Gender Studies.

The Minor requires a total of 18 units as follows:

  • WGS 200: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • WGS 300GW: Politics of Gender, Race and Nation
  • Any 500-level course within the Women and Gender Studies Department.
  • Six (6) elective units must be taken within the department.
  • Remaining three (3) units may be taken outside the department.

Students interested in pursuing this minor should see the department chair who will direct them to the appropriate adviser.