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WGS 2018-2019 Graduation Celebration

The Department of Women and Gender Studies will celebrate with this year's graduating class...

Health Promotion and Wellness & Basic Needs

Basic needs in the higher education setting refers to those things that are...


There are currently no upcoming events scheduled.

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Financing your MA Degree

Information on costs, fellowships, scholarships, teaching assistantships, and more

Markowski-Leach Scholarship

The Scholarship is intended for LGBTQ undergraduate and graduate students attending San Francisco State University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Hastings, and UC San Francisco.  The Scholarship award is $2,000 per year for 2 years as long as the recipient continues to meet eligibility requirements.  To continue the award beyond the initial 2 years, re-application is necessary.


Further information about the Scholarship program and the required on-line application are available at:




The application deadline is March 10, 2019. 


(Almost) everything you need to know about the Department of Women and Gender Studies

WGS Emergency Fund Scholarship





In these turbulent times, it is imperative to provide

all students a reliable space to learn and explore —

where they are fully supported and encouraged.

All faculty and staff in Women and Gender Studies (WGS)

at San Francisco State University dedicate themselves

to this important mission.

Join us in this mission by making a gift.

For the past two years, the Women and Gender Studies’

Emergency Fund Scholarship has helped 23 different

students dealing with difficult circumstances. The WGS

Emergency Fund has covered needs like child support

costs for a student whose abusive partner could no longer

be relied upon for child care and giving students access

to therapy to address unexpected traumas (like a friend

murdered by gun violence). However, this is the final

year the department can cover WGS emergency funds —

and we need your support.

Help keep this essential scholarship alive by

making a gift — on average, just $200 will solve a

student’s emergency — allowing them to continue

their coursework.



Thank you for your continued support of Women and

Gender Studies at SF State.



     Julietta Hua, Ph.D.
     Professor and Chair, Women and Gender Studies
     San Francisco State University