Welcome Letter from the Chair

Dear Women and Gender Studies (WGS) majors and minors,

Welcome to the Department of Women and Gender Studies at San Francisco State University! We are delighted that you have chosen Women and Gender Studies as your major or minor.


As a WGS student, you will engage in rigorous academic study, learn alongside deeply-committed peers, work closely with professors in small courses, and develop leadership and alliance skills within community initiatives. WGS courses have been developed to enhance your knowledge base in the field of transnational women, gender and feminist studies and prepare you with transferable critical skills to prepare you for your future endeavors in the workplace, graduate school and your community. “Introduction to Women and Gender Studies” (WGS 200) is required for all majors and minors, and is a prerequisite for some of our other courses. Please prioritize enrollment in this class unless you know that you have taken an articulating equivalent (check with Assist.org).


Dr. Nan Alamilla Boyd is our dedicated faculty advisor! Book appointments with her at nanalamillaboyd.book.me. Learn more about the WGS department such as what classes are required for majors and minors, descriptions of our faculty, links to resources (including scholarship opportunities), and notification of upcoming departmental events.

We suggest that you meet with your advisor at least once a year. Your advisor may help you choose and manage your classes, help track your progress in the major or minor, and may help address other academic issues you might wish to discuss.

General advising, for General Education and other university requirements, is provided by the Advising Resource Center (ARC) in HUM 112. Please make good use of them!

Department Life

As you settle into your new major, we hope you will get to know many of the students, faculty and staff in the department through your classes and additional department activities. There are a range of online and on campus resources to connect you to WGS.

Keep updated on departmental resources on our website.

HUM 315 and 316 contain many resources for WGS students. Kendra Harris is our academic office coordinator, and she is available to help answer question by phone or email.


Resource Room for general use, HUM 316. There is a computer with printer, a library of books (including some that are assigned in your classes), a microwave, kettle, fridge, table with chairs and sofas. HUM 316 is a shared WGS space. It is primarily a student space — for you to study, read, hang out, have your lunch, use the computer, talk — but it is also a shared faculty-student space for occasional classes and meetings.  We take a shared responsibility to maintain the space, so a few rules apply:

  • If you would like to read one of the books from the library, please do so in HUM 316. This is a non-circulating library.

  • If you use the coffee maker or microwave, please also take turns to clean them (cleaning materials are provided).

  • If you have wrappers or other trash from eating or drinking, please recycle or throw trash/compost in the appropriate bins (compost bins are in front of Cafe Rosso).

  • Unfortunately, there is no printing for the computer. Printers are available in the library; the ARC HUM 112 computer lab may also have printing.

  • If you re-arrange the room or move the chairs around, please replace them after you are done.

  • Finally, please also be mindful of others in the room. While it is not a designated quiet space (there are other spaces in the college and on campus where you can quietly study), it is a shared space and so please be aware of others while you are using it.

We look forward to getting to know you and to helping you navigate your time at SF State Please know that the WGS faculty and staff are eager to welcome you to the department. So again, welcome to the Department of Women and Gender Studies at SF State!


Kasturi Ray, Chair
(415) 338-3128
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Kasturi Ray