Welcome Letter from the Chair

Fall 2022

Dear WGS majors and minors,

Welcome (back) to the Women and Gender Studies Department at SF State! I hope the summer was restorative. Just some quick notes to help you ease into Fall 2022.


Both Prof Quintanilla and Cohler are on leave this semester. If you'd like advising and are a WGS MINOR, please make an appointment with Prof Kasturi Ray (kasturi@sfsu.edu). If you are a WGS MAJOR, Prof Martha Kenney will be your point person for major advising (mkenney@sfsu.edu). We recommend checking in with a WGS advisor at least once a year, and definitely the semester before you plan to graduate!

General advising for General Education and other university requirements, is provided by the Advising Resource Center (ARC) in HUM 112. Please make good use of them!

Department Life

The WGS lounge in Humanities 316 is open! Generally, the lounge will be open during the day Monday thru Thursday, unless there's a meeting already scheduled for the room. It's a great space if you need a break, or somewhere to warm up lunch. We also have a mini pantry with some instant snacks, as well as a coffee maker. Please feel very welcome to use all the amenities. We just ask that you clean up after yourself (i.e. wipe the microwave after use, rinse out the coffee pot). It's a shared space, and no one gets paid to clean it, so we appreciate if you can help keep it clean for all.

I hope to host a welcome back party if covid rules allow, so please keep an eye out for emails from WGS. We periodically send email updates about scholarship deadlines, events and so on. You can also find most updates about upcoming events on the departmental website wgsdept.sfsu.edu.

We'll have a new, part-time academic office coordinator in September and because we're a little short staffed, we might not get back to you right away, but I should be on campus Tuesday, most Wednesdays and Thursdays, and if I'm not in Humanities 314 or 315, I'll be upstairs in 437. If you need me and can't find me, just email (jyhua@sfsu.edu). I look forward to seeing you this semester!


Prof (Julie) Hua

Julietta Hua