MA Jaimes Guerrero


MA Jaimes Guerrero is a leading Native American and Mestiza author, scholar, activist, novelist and poet. She has worked with Women of All Red Nations and the Indigenous Women's Network. She has taught classes on environmental justice, American Indian and Ethnic Studies. Jaimes Guerrero is editor and contributor of The State of Native North America (South End Press) and contributed the essay "Patriarchal Colonialism" to, and coedited the journal, Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Special Issue: Indigenous Women in America Spring 2003: Volume 18, Number 2. Other publications include the research essay "Global Genocide and Biocolonialism" which appeared in Violence and the Body, 2003, and "Native Womanism: Exemplars of Indigenism and Global Genocide: A Case for Biocolonialism". Currently she is working on a manifesto which poses the question: "Is there a Nexus between Feminisms and Indigenism for Gender Justice in Transformative Activist Movements?; with an emphasis on Latin America."