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More resources for students

Sunday, March 15, 2020

There are more community-based mental health resources for students that have come to our attention: 


1. Access Institute in Hayes Valley is a full service clinic, with psychotherapy and psychiatry (best for anyone who may be at acute risk, for example suicidal plans--many places may not risk taking on the liability of working with critical cases, but Access is equipped to do so).

2. is a clinic that offers psychotherapy at sliding scale; there are Integral Counseling Centers in Pacific Heights, Hayes Valley, and Noe/Mission. These tend to be more focused on long-term, depth therapy.

3. The Liberation Institute is located in the Mission, and offers more reduced rates than any other clinic.


Students may also want to search on for referrals and/or groups; Bay Area Open Minds is a resource for providers and those seeking services committed to gender-affirming, queer, and sex-positive/ sex-work supportive therapists. 


Finally, there is the Bay Area Warm line:; this is a free mental health phone line for anyone needing immediate emotional support but is not in an active crisis (psychosis or suicidal action).