Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies

The Department of Women and Gender Studies offers a Master of Arts degree program that focuses on women, gender and feminism in transnational and multicultural contexts, preparing students to engage critically with analytical categories such as gender, race, sexuality, nation, class, labor and able-bodiedness. Students study how bodies, families, communities and nations are gendered in specific cultural and historical locations and investigate connections to their own lives, roles and contributions.


The expertise of the department lies in intersectional, and transnational studies of inequality, preparing students to engage critically with analytical categories such as gender race, sexuality, nation, class, labor and embodiment.

Courses consider global structures of power and histories of racism in relation to local, regional, national and transnational feminist practices. The department provides analysis and debate of activist scholarship by feminists who confront and transform various institutions and arenas, including education, politics, law, media and arts, sexuality, nonprofit groups, global nongovernmental organizations, communities, labor struggles and cultural productions.

The program is interdisciplinary, enabling students to combine core and elective courses in Women and Gender Studies with electives in other departments and programs across the campus. The department also supports graduate student teaching and research positions, as well as community internships. Students complete their Master’s degree with a culminating project of their own design working closely an advisor.

Core Requirements = 15 units

WGS 700: Introduction to Graduate Studies (3)
WGS 710: Feminist Social Movements (3)
WGS 712: Queer Theories (3)
WGS 713: Intellectual Genealogies (3)
WGS 820: Feminist Research Methods (3)

Total units for core = 15

3 units selected from the following on advisement

WGS 894: Creative Work Project
WGS 895: Field Study Project
WGS 898: Master’s Thesis

12 Related Field Units (upon approval of adviser) = 12

Minimum Total units = 30

Written English Proficiency

The policy can be found here: Graduate Program Writing Rubric &  Proficiency Guidelines

First Level: Satisfactory performance in the final research paper for WGS 700

Second Level: Successful completion of WGS 894, 895 or 898. 

Courses and course descriptions in Women and Gender Studies are listed in the San Francisco State University Bulletin and online.

A current schedule of classes is available online on the SF State Class Schedule page.

Before beginning the process, please go to the Division of Graduate Studies webpage and verify you meet all of the University requirements to enroll in a Post-Baccalaureate program. 

The most competitive candidates for admission to the Women and Gender Studies M.A. program will have a WGS major or minor, or a minimum of 9 to 12 undergraduate WGS or equivalent units with previous work in the feminist study of some or all of the following areas: race, gender, sexuality, colonialism, labor and disability. Students are expected to possess a GPA of at least 3.0 in the last 60 semester units attempted for the bachelor's degree.

Application Deadlines

SF Scholars Blended B.A./M.A. in Women and Gender Studies program - ongoing admissions

  • Rolling admissions: admissions committee makes decisions as complete applications are received.

Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies program for Fall 2024

  • Block One: Monday, February 5, 2024 Admission committee will make decisions by February 26, 2024. This early block is to ensure a timely response to applicants who submit their applications in January.
  • Block Two:Monday, April 22, 2024 . Admissions committee will make decisions by May 3, 2024.

There is no penalty for applications received between Block 1 and Block 2; each and every application is given the same careful thought and consideration, regardless of submittal date. 

** The University deadline is March 1. However, the WGS deadline April 22  is honored and applications will still be accepted between March 1 and April 22 **


Following review by the SF State University Graduate Division, the Women and Gender Studies Department graduate admissions committee reviews your application for program-specific eligibility. 

In order to be admitted to the Women and Gender Studies M.A. program, students must:

  1. Meet all general University requirements 
  2. Have completed one of the following:
    •  a major in women and gender studies
    •  a minor in women and gender studies
    •  at least 9-12 undergraduate units of women and gender studies coursework. 

The most competitive candidates for admission will have a strong record of previous work in the feminist study of some or all of the following areas: race, gender, sexuality, colonialism, labor and disability.

NOTE: If you do not meet one of the university or department requirements but feel qualified for graduate work in WGS, you can articulate your preparedness for the program in your Academic Statement of Purpose (see below).

Required and Optional Application Sections

Supporting Information section:

  • Under “Statement of Purpose” please note “document attached”.

Program Materials section:

  • “Academic Statement of Purpose” (750 words)
  • “Personal Statement” (250 words)
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • CV/Resume (optional)
  • Test scores (optional)

Letters of Recommendation:  

  • Two (2) letters from individuals with direct knowledge of your scholarly abilities

Women and Gender Studies evaluates each application for the candidate's demonstration of academic excellence in Women and Gender Studies-related coursework, their clarity of graduate study plans and goals (academic/professional/community), and the applicant's academic fit with the SF State University Women and Gender Studies department's areas of expertise.


Instructions for each document type are noted below. Documents are required unless noted as optional. Letters of recommendation should be sent to the academic department directly by the writers.

CV/Resume (Highly Recommended)

Personal Statement

This short statement (no more than 250 words) should outline your preparation and motivation for seeking a graduate degree in Women and Gender Studies. This statement might include your rationale for pursuing the M.A. degree; the relation of the M.A. degree in Women and Gender Studies to your prior academic work; information about participation in community, volunteer, and/or professional activities; and other relevant information.

Statement of Purpose

Women and Gender Studies applicants are required to submit an academic statement (no more than 750-words) outlining your intentions and goals for graduate study in WGS. Specifically, you should outline your planned area of academic focus within women and gender studies, including how this prospective focus relates to your past academic and/or community or professional work, and its relation to your future scholarly and/or career objectives. A well-written statement of purpose exhibits familiarity with key ideas in the field of intersectional gender studies, demonstrates academic preparation for graduate school, and articulates academic goals that can be supported by the methodological and intellectual interests and expertise of the department's faculty.

Unofficial Transcripts

The Division of Graduate Studies requires you to upload copies of transcripts from every college or university attended, including study abroad coursework, community college coursework even if transfer credit appears on your degree transcript. Upload all transcripts to the documents section of this application. The Division of Graduate Studies may request official transcripts from you at any time during the application process in order to complete our review. If selected for admission, you must submit official transcripts to the Division of Graduate Studies in order to secure your admission offer.

Test Report (optional)

The Women and Gender Studies department does not require GRE scores. However, applicants may include their scores.

English Language Score Report

You may upload unofficial English language proficiency score report. Students whose native language is not English and whose preparatory education was principally in a language other than English must submit an English language proficiency score report.

Supplemental Materials

Upload any additional materials relevant to your application for graduate study. Combine documents into one PDF file.

Letters of Recommendation

Women Gender Studies applicants are required to solicit two (2) letters of recommendation from individuals with direct knowledge of the applicant's scholarly preparation. These letters should speak to the applicant's academic readiness for graduate-level studies and are usually from professors who have knowledge of the applicant's academic performance and interest in Women Gender Studies. Letter writer email addresses should be from professional or academic organizations (ex., or, not personal email addresses. Once you have saved an electronic recommendation, an email request will automatically be sent to the recommender on your behalf. Please advise your recommender to look for this email in their inbox, as well as their spam or junk-mail folder, as emails do occasionally get filtered out. (2 required – 3 total allowed)

The Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) is filed after the student has completed a minimum of 12 units, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better, and before completing 27 units of work applicable to the M.A. degree. Once the ATC form is approved, the student is advanced to candidacy. Further information may also be found at the Division of Graduate Studies website.

Women and Gender Studies Master of Arts students have the option of a thesis, creative project, or more recently, a written exam. Below are Culminating Experience Projects of WGS MA students over the decades. 

Bauman, Katharine Thesis The Necessity of Gender Diversity Directors at All-Male High Schools 2019
Boroujerdi, Sarah Thesis A Transnational Feminist Inquiry on Family and Divorce Law in Contemporary Iran 2019
D'Andrea, Erika Thesis Landscapes of Whiteness and Selective Inclusion is Mashpee, Massachusetts 2019
Pham, Lily Thesis Children of the Vietnamese Diaspora: Tracing a History of Colonial Violence 2019
Williams, Sue Thesis Beyond Resistance Toward Liberation: Power of Art in Struggles Against Sexual Violence 2019
Evans, Schmian Creative Project Human Sexuality: Histories, Theologies, and Politics of the Flesh 2018
Frey, Julie Creative Project Feminist Female Genital Artwork Interventions: Cunt Art, Vulva Crafting, and Vagina Lady 2018
Guzman, Connie Thesis Our Soul is Our People: Reshaping Community Building in Apple's Vision 2018
Lopez, Melinda Thesis Hierarchies of Body Modifications and Art and Acts of Queering the Body 2018
Naruse, Miho Thesis Japanese Professional Women in Japanese Neoliberal Society 2018
Neumuth, Amy Thesis The Violence in Silence: US Imperial Activism and the Politics of Erasure 2018
Saraswati, Marissa Thesis Locating Girlhood in Contemporary Indonesia 2018
Teter  Thesis Y'all Come Back Now: Negotiating Geography, Identity, and Subjectivity in the Queer American South 2018
Vasquez, Stephanie Thesis The Politics of Disposability: The Generational Effects of the Bracero Program 2018

Arkee, Donna

Thesis Nostalgic Nationalism Online: Constructing the Iranian Diaspora Through Visual Texts and Affect 2017
Asbury, Felicia Thesis Re-orientations: An Examination of Black Lives Matter and the Neoliberal Spectacle 2017
Delnevo, Manuela Thesis "Counting the Invsible": Colonial Imaginaries and the Gender Data Gap Initiative 2017
DeTomasi, Jessica Thesis Impure Bodies: Body Modification within a Settler Colonial State 2017
Lin, Riese  Thesis don't @ me: Surveillance, Subject Formation, and the Digital Information Economy 2017
Madenokoji, Yuri Creative Project Soul's Journey 2017
Ollodort, Robyn Thesis Fighting, Hacking, and Stalking: Toxic Masculinity and the Revoluntionary Anti-Hero 2017
Thomsen-Friedman, RJ Thesis Neoliberal Exceptions: Racialized Debt, Crisis, & Austerity 2017
Tiju, Jessica Thesis The Discursive Power of Anti-Trafficking Laws: Restructuring Social Justice outside Neoliberalism 2017
Ngubane, Samukezi Thesis Queer Apartheid in South Africa and the Politics of Representation 2017
James, Monica Thesis Queer World Making in the Present: Re-Imagining Hope as a Modality of Being 2016
Lewis, Lane Creative Project Cultivating a Trans/ing Lens Through Haunting, (Il)legible, Disidentificatory Performance 2016
Carson, Renee Thesis Citizent Body: The Eugenical Foundation of the United States and Contemporary Hauntings 2016
Mohammadi, Yalda Thesis Teaching in Women's/Gender Studies: Experiences of Women of Color Academics 2016
Hirschman, Allegra Thesis The Good Bi: Queer Phenomenology, Excess, and Non-Monosexual Representation 2015
Martenyi, Megan Shapiro Thesis "Shades of California" and the Politics of History 2015
Messer, Rachel L. Thesis Butch Resilience: Disidentifications at the 2011 Butch Voices Conference 2015
Murphy, Catherine Thesis Men, Monsters, and Aliens: Exploring Disabled Masculinities in Televised Speculative Fiction 2015
Ochoa-Kaup, Sebastian Thesis "Hey Guys:" Trans Male Self Documentation and Conceptions of Time 2015
Shendelman, Julian A. Thesis Exceeding the Self: Affetive Embodiments on Queer Trans Tumblr 2015
Toepfer, Carly Thesis "Kid Power!": The Subversitve Agency of Children in Adult Animated Sitcoms 2015
Veith, Alison Thesis "Don't Be Evil": Google's Labor Practices and the Limits of Corporate Good 2015
Glenn, Bridget Thesis Compassionate Release: The Convergence of Disability and the Prison Industrial Complex 2014
Henry, Sarah Thesis Furies, Fans and Feminism: Querying and Queering the Furry Fandom(s) 2013
Levario, Marcella Thesis A Queer Fat Future 2013
Reck, Denise Thesis Sexual Freedoms and Racial Divides in Contemporary Germany 2013
Negrete-Lopez, Gloria Thesis A Ti Querida Hija: Prison, Deportation, and the Act of Letter Writing 2012
Zomer, Charlotte Thesis Environmental Cultural Activism in Los Angeles County: Peformances within Neoliberal Structures 2012
Albright, Samantha Thesis Criminalizing Embodiment: Sexual Normativity, Administrative Discipline and Legal Resistance in California Prisons 2012
Byrne, Rachael Thesis Queering Settlers Complicity: from Zionist Transnational Pinkwashing to Palestine Solidarity 2012
Norling, William Thesis Staging Rock n' Roll: Performing Race, Sexuality, Masculinity, and Conterculture 2012
Robinson, Angela Thesis Sovereignty Queered: Politics of Interdependence Through the Discourses of Temporality and Terrorism 2012
Schmidt, Jenne Thesis Finding the Local within the Globalization: Neoliberal Politics and Surveillance Gentrifying San Francisco 2012
Smith, Lauren Thesis Imagining Social Justice Through Sci-Fi TV: From "Trek" to "Torchwood" 2012
Sutherland, Kory Creative Project The Embroidered Border: An Illustrated Book of Immigration Keywords 2012
Willock, Brooke Thesis For the Love of the Game: Disability Sport and the Athletic Ideal 2012
Agilar, Esme Thesis Happily Ever After? A Feminst Critique of Postmodern Fairy Tales 2011
Gomes, Anastasia Thesis Work and the City: A Materialist Analysis of the New Single Woman 2011
Hamilton, Anna Creative Project Nervous Disorders 2011
Kress, Isis Thesis Domestic Violence Policies and Laws Within the United States 2011
Robert, Deborah Thesis Deconstructing the Neoliberal War on Drugs: Gender, Race, Class and (Pharma)normative Hegemony 2011
Van Asselt, Bess Thesis Special Victims for Neoliberalism: Multiculturalism, Nonprofits and Media Activism 2011
Yee, Ashley Thesis The Not-So-Hidden Potential: Finding Gender Subversion in Mainstream Music Videos 2011
Abinate, Elizabeth Thesis Bite Me, I'm Yours: Vampire Romance, Female Readership and Negotiating Ideology 2010
Baez, Angela Thesis Holistic Feminism: Love and Consciousness as Motivations for Social Change 2010
Finkelstein, Lauren Thesis E/racing Realities: Negotiating Space of Fiction 2010
Hatlen, Melissa Thesis The Disabiling Effects of Legal Performances 2010
Kaur, Gurpreet Creative Project Silent Voices 2010
Liu, Junyan Thesis Promising a Future: Revisiting Ecofeminism in the Global Era 2010
Miller, Sharon Thesis Representing Afghan Women in Post 9/11 Media and Feminist Discourses 2010
Vogt, Elizabeth Thesis Revealing Lise Meitner: Producing Knowledge about a “Woman in Science” 2010
Wheeler, Anna Thesis "The Whole Me": A Creative Culminating Experience Project 2010
Ah-Sue, Geraldine Thesis Screening 'Culture': Looking at Asian/American Cinema through a Feminist Lens 2009
Barr, Cheyenne Thesis Intersexed Embodiments and the Cripping and Queering of the Borders of Identites 2009
Lindbom, Camille Thesis French Masks, Arab Skins: French-Maghrebi Women Negotiating Cultural Differences in France 2009
Mukhopadhyay, Samhita Thesis The Politics of the Feminist Blogosphere 2009
Olivia, Jenn Thesis Performing Queers: Queer Performance, Venue and Disidentification in Contemporary San Francisco 2009
Peters, Kristi Thesis Is the MIC On? Reclaming Billie Holiday and Nina Simone 2009
Prather, Rebecca Thesis The Neo-Imperial Harem: Race, Gender, Sexuality and Nation in the American Belly Dance 2009
Rojas, Carol Thesis Caught in the Crossfire: Bordering the Latin Body in Post 9/11 Society 2009
Comas, Allegra Thesis Race(ing) Queer Pedagogy: Crafting Antiracist Methodologies for Queer Educational Praxis 2008
Cosenza, Julie Creative Project Culminating Creative Performances: The Turtle Walker: Staging Disability, Crip, and Queer Theory 2008
Coto, Giovanna Thesis Extensions of Military, State, and Subversive Power: Dogs as Agents of Violence 2008
Fairchild, Sheryl D. Thesis Women's Holocaust Literature: "The Whole Universe was Motherless during the War" 2008
Gollihar, Lindsy Creative Project Hyperlinked Scholarship: Exploring the New Existence of, the Community College Women's Studies Web 2008
Guichard, Timothy Thesis Transmen and Feminist Theory: Notes on an Emerging Transgender Studies. 2008
Lee, Christine Thesis The Construction of Citizen, Woman, Criminal: Deconstructing Representation in Sex Work 2008
Mudora, Helen Obande Thesis From Rhetoric to Practice: Access to Education by Disabeled Children in Kenya 2008
Ruiz, Luis Aida Martinez Thesis Gender, Community, Radio and Popular Communication Trainings with Copinh Lenca women 2008
Villanueva, Pamela Thesis Cultural Competence in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technologies 2008
Bowker, Jessica L. Thesis Slashing/Gender: Fantasy, Sexual Difference and (Im)Possibility in Counternarrative Fanfiction 2007
Guichard, Timothy Thesis Transmen and Feminist Theory: A Comparative Oral History 2007
Hosmon, Kiely Thesis "That Doesn't Happen Here": Addressing Racism in California Gay-Straight Alliances? 2007
Jatau, Mary Ladidi Thesis "We Own Our Bodies": Analyzing the Reproductive Health and Rights of Nigerian Women 2007
Miller, Sara Thesis Girls Policing Girls: Sexual Reputation, Regulation, and the Discourse of "American Girlhood" 2007
Rana, Babita Thesis Gender-Based Violence Against Women and Girls: Focusing on Sex Trafficking in Nepal 2007
Saddul, Christine Thesis Collisions, Complicities, and Girl Discourses: Race, Class, Gender, and the Hegemonic Girl 2007
Smith, Suzanne L. Thesis Constructing Queer Women's Space in San Francisco's Mission District 2007
Wan, Nancy Thesis Seeking the "Impossible" Subject: A Queer Diasporic Critique of Two Local Hawai'ian Novels 2007
Champagne, Delmeza J. Thesis Anxiety and Control: Gender and Intermarriage in Nineteenth Century Canada 2006
Goldman, Rochelle Thesis Challenging the Representations of Old Women in US Film: Ageism Revealed 2006
Gray, Michelle Thesis Building Brandon: The Media Construction of a Transgender Icon 2006
Lambert, Kristi Thesis Sexuality at the Border: Heteronormative Constructions of US Citizenship in Immigration Policy 2006
Onchiri, Sheba M. Thesis Environment Conservation in Kenya: Why is it a Rural Affair? 2006
Schuchard, Julie Creative Project A Picture of a Woman 2006
Solano, Christina Thesis Belles Rebelles: Maghrebines Negotiating Culture and Belief in France 2006
Staub, Lee Thesis Racist Transactions: An Examination of White Privilege in FTM Communities 2006
Stewart, Chloe Thesis "Liberation through Feminism: The Colonization of Afghan Women by United States Feminists 2006
Terry, Natalie C. Thesis American National Identity: Post 9/11 Intersections of Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Colonialism 2006
Villegas, Paloma E. Thesis Borders in Health: Undocumented Mexicans 2006
Crowley, Megan Thesis "We Know Our Bodies Best": Women's Health Zines, Feminisms, and DIY Culture 2005
Feig, Kimberly Thesis Feminizing Violence: (Re)Presentation of Female Martyrs and Suicide Bombers 2005
Greim, Katrin Thesis Theorizing Femme: The Politics of Invisibility 2005
Marcia, Amber Thesis A Look at Feminist Spirituality and Academic Feminism 2005
Wallin, Crystal Veronica Thesis Soldaderas: Marginalized Symbols of the Mexican Revolution 2005
Arruda, Elisabeth N. Thesis The Mother of Tomorrow: American Eugenics and the Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 2004
Asrani, Anjali Thesis Gurus, Footballers, and Diaspora: Commodification of South Asian Identities in Popular Culture 2004
Josephson, Tristan Thesis The Cultural Politics of FTM Transexuality: Representations and Identities of Transsexual Men 2004
Karalekas, Nicole Thesis Framed Speech: Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa 2004
Rickerson,-Riesen, Ricky Walter Thesis Breast Cancer: A Solid Construction of Illness 2004
Wachter, Heidi Thesis Assumed Motherhood: The Construction of Motherhood on Daytime Television 2004
Wun, Connie Thesis Special Abuse: An Intersectional Analysis of the Anti-Sexual Assault Movement 2004
Chakrabarti, Indira Thesis Start the Presses: Culture and Identity in South Asian/American Women's Anthologies 2003
Kawakami, Yoko Thesis A Critique of Memoirs of A Geisha from Perspective of Feminism 2003
Lee, In Hui Creative Project Creative Work Project: Raise the Black Lantern: An Autobiographical Manifesto 2003
Robinson, Rochelle Thesis Black Women and Suffrage: A U.S. History Untold 2003
Robinson, Rochelle Thesis Black Women and Suffrage: A U.S. History Untold 2003
Yoo, Kathryn H. Thesis Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs on Women 2003
Taguchi, Tomoko Thesis Officially Cross-dressing: Nationalism and Gender Performed in Modern Japan 2002
Vora, Neha Thesis Cultural Production of Authenticity: The Case of Ethnic Restaurants 2002
Allen, Rachel Thesis (In)forming Feminisms: Pedagogy, Assessment, and Women’s Studies 2001
Rainwater, Marie Thesis From Conquest to Nostalgia: National Geographic Articles on Mount Everest: 1933-1999 2001
Ruiz, Marisol Thesis Latinas in the Struggle for Higher Education 2001
Steinberg, Natalia Thesis Intimate Killings: Representations of Gender and Nation in Israeli Courtrooms 2001
Watson, Robyn Lynn Thesis Heart Disease: Racial and Sexual Disparities Surrounding America’s Number One Killer 2001
Abastado, Rinat Thesis Confiscated Children (Adopted Children—Israel) 2000
Cannon, Ali Thesis Deconstructing the Other in Herself 2000
Carli, Audra Thesis The Mechanization of Motherhood: Case Studies of Human Egg Donorship 2000
Chun, Chang Ok Thesis Women, Poverty, and Global Capitalism: Nation, Gender and Class in Post-colonial Korea 2000
Friel, Holly J. Field Study Field Study: The San Francisco Cedaw Ordinance: Local Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (Cedaw) 2000
Jennings, Kirsten Thesis Between Feminist Theory and Activism: Critical Perspectives 2000
Larsen, Valerie Kim-Thuy Thesis Decolonizing Feminist Theory: A Review of Literary Criticism Devoted to the Works of Ama Ata Aidoo 2000
Nestel, Sheryl Thesis Obstructed Labour: Race and Gender in the Re-Emergence of Midwifery in Ontario 2000
Brenkert, Hannah Thesis Constructing Population Targets and Truths: Population and Gender in the Development Apparatus 1999
Brown, Marie Alicia Thesis Motherhood Commodified 1999
Blong, Ann Barbara Thesis Women’s Role in the Construction and Transformation of Twentieth Century Societies 1998
Comerci, Claudia Thesis Outside In: A Conceptual Deconstruction of Identities from a Feminist Perspective 1998
Ho, Fennis Thesis “Made in Taiwan”: Nationalism, Ethnicity, Gender and the Production of Identity 1998
Finney, Johanna L. Thesis Transforming the Social Safety Net: San Francisco’s Response to Welfare Reform 1997
Jones, Rachel K. Thesis U.S. Persecution of Refugee Women 1997
Kalaydjian, Alexandra Thesis Middle Eastern America: Gendered Lives 1997
Nenga, Sandi Kawecka Thesis Chasing Carmen Sandiego: Childhood, Gender and Television 1997
Peterson, Kristin Thesis Shaman Pharmaceuticals Inc.: Race, Gender, Class and Corporate Practices 1997
Dobel, Danielle Marie Thesis The Mark of Whiteness: Social Constructions of Race and Gender 1996
Domingo, Chris Thesis Understanding the Experience of Madness: ‘Manic-Depressive’ Women Tell Our Stories 1995
Shayne, Julia Denise Thesis Salvadorean Women Revolutionaries and the Birth of Their Women’s Movement 1995
Brown, Bethann Thesis Women Impacted by Violence and Substance Abuse: A San Francisco Needs Assessment 1994
Dunning, Christy June Thesis Toward a Screenplay 1994
Gottlieb, Karla Lewis Thesis “The Mother of Us All”: A History of Nanny, Leader of the Windward Jamaican Maroons 1994
La Bergere, Ileana Thesis Our Lady of Tonantzin: Re-Membering Greater Mexico’s Icon 1994
Trubach, Gabrielle C. Thesis Hawaiian Nation: The Native Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement 1994
Dudash, Tanya Renee Thesis Emerging Feminist Discourse among Dancers at a San Francisco Peep Show 1993
Sarramea, Adriana Thesis Imperialism, Women and the Third World: The Mothers of Plaza De Mayo 1993
Talvi, Silja Joanna Aller Thesis Cousins: Jewish and Palestinian Womyn Struggling for Peace for the Promised Land 1993
Zarcone, Julia Lynne Thesis For All My Relations: Resisting Maldevelopment on Hopi and Dineh Lands 1993
Laird, Ruth Marie Thesis Ethnography of a Disaster 1991
Castro-Rojas, Carmen Field Study Field Research on Community Based Organizations Dealing with Multiple Expressions of Violence against Women 1990
Brown, R. Lucile Thesis Status of Women at San Francisco State College 1971