Current M.A. Students

Suggested Timeline for Completion of M.A.

Fall -- First Year

  • WGS 700: Introduction to Graduate Study

  • WGS 720: Feminist Pedagogies (strongly recommended if serving as graduate assistant)

  • Elective

Spring -- First Year

  • WGS 712: Queer Theories

  • WGS 713: Intellectual Genealogies

  • Elective
  • By end of spring semester, begin conceptualizing thesis project and meet with faculty adviser.

Fall -- Second Year

  • WGS 710: Feminist Social Movements (may also be taken in Fall of first year)

  • WGS 820: Feminist Research Methods

  • WGS 798: Feminist Internship: Gender and the Nonprofit Industrial Complex
  • Early October: Select first and second thesis readers, file Advancement to Candidacy (ATC), Culminating Experience Form, Human and/or Animal Subjects Protocol Form (if applicable) and other related forms

Spring --Second Year

  • Mid-February: Culminating Experience (WGS 894, 895, 896/896EXM, 898)

  • Elective

  • Elective

  • File Application for Award of Degree/Graduation 

  • April 1: Submit a complete draft of thesis to committee
  • Mid-May: Thesis due to University

  • Semester End: Complete Exit Survey
  • Graduation!!!


The Department of Women and Gender Studies hosts a party to recognize all graduating WGS students and to celebrate with them, their friends, and their family. The party includes a brief program where each graduating student’s name is read out by faculty and a small gift is given to each graduate. The gathering is held on the morning of the University Commencement Ceremony (usually from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on campus) and is free and open to all who would like to join the celebration. In the interests of space, however, we require that students R.S.V.P. with the expected number of guests no later than two weeks before graduation day.