Activities and Events

February 14 - LIB 121 (Co-Sponsored with Comics Studies)

Justin Hall, Comics, California College of the Arts

“Sequential Desire: The History and Artistry of Gay Male Erotic Comics”


February 21- LIB 286                                                                                                      
Lindsay Imai Hong, Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employment Network

“Collaborators? Co-conspirators? The Role of Employers in the Domestic Workers Movement”


February 28- LIB 286                                                                                                                      

Celine Parreñas Shimizu, Cinema Studies, San Francisco State University 

"The Proximity of Other Skins: Ethical Intimacy in Global Cinema"


March 7- LIB 121                                                                                              

Eric A. Stanley, Gender and Sexuality Studies, UC Riverside 

"The Affective Commons: Gay Shame, Queer Hate, and Other Collective Feelings"


March 12- LIB 286  *Note that this is a Monday 

Fatima Zahrae Chrifi Alaoui, Communication Studies, San Francisco State University

“Gendered Uprisings: Communicating Embodied Resistance through the Arab eBody Politic”


March 28- LIB 286                                                                                                                                                            

Margaret Rhee, Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo SUNY 

“Robot Poetics and the Intersections of Race, Gender, and Sexuality”


April 2- LIB 244  *Note that this is a Monday

Richa Nagar, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota 

"From Muddying the Waters to Hungry Translations: Beyond Storytelling"


April 11- LIB 286               

Dilara Yarbrough, Criminal Justice Studies, San Francisco State University

“The Carceral Production of Transgender Poverty: Theorizing Intersectional Vulnerability”


April 18- LIB 286                                               

Ruth Müller, Munich Center for Technology in Society, TU Munich 

“Health, Wealth, and the Epigenome: Accounting for Inequality in Biomolecular Aging Research”


April 25- LIB 286                                                                                                                                                                     

Melissa K. Nelson, American Indian Studies, San Francisco State University 

“Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Eco-Erotics”


May 2- LIB 286 (Co-Sponsored by Criminal Justice Studies)

After/Life: A Film by Puck Lo