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Leece Lee-Oliver

Leece Lee-Oliver


E-mail: lml@sfsu.edu
Phone: 415-338-1389
Office: HUM 318

Office Hours:

Fall 2016 Office Hours:

Wednesday: 10:15 - 12:00 and by appointment

Leece Lee-Olivers’s areas of interest are the advent of race and gender normativities in the West and the implications of colonialism on contemporary social thought, institutional practices, white supremacy and anti-“Indian” and anti-“black” violence. Leece received her Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies, Native American Studies at the University of California Berkeley. She is currently working on her first book, which examines the early formations of western race ideology and gender normativities, with particular focus on the gendered racialization of Native Americans. The project traces the relationships between gendered racialization, the rhetoric of genocidal campaigns during western expansion, and the epidemic rates of violence against Native American women today. Leece’s work extends this analysis to a transnational framework that compares the anti-colonial critiques of indigenous and women of color in the U.S., Caribbean and Australia to consider how anti-colonialism shapes Native American, Indigenous, women of color and Queer activism today.