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A. Ikaika  Gleisberg

A. Ikaika Gleisberg


A. Ikaika Gleisberg’s academic interests include trans* studies, queer theory, indigenous studies, critical race theory, new queer cinema, and political philosophy. Their first book-length project, “Kissing the Ugly Parts: Violent Productions of Queer Otherness & the Embrace of Unintelligibility,” examines contemporary textual representations of institutionalized and cultural violence in the U.S. It argues for an embrace of unintelligibility as an active and participatory practice that can rupture, dismantle, or subvert discursive constraint, while lending itself toward a deeply interpersonal ethics of care. Their more recent research traces how and why colonial understandings of gender and sexuality have been mapped onto indigenous modes of embodiment; it also posits how alternative forms of signification rooted to place, culture, and tradition are reclaimed as acts of self-determination in the struggle for indigenous autonomy and sovereignty. 

BA, Norwich University; MA, Northeastern University; PhD, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa


After several terms with the Department of Women and Gender Studies, Ikaika is taking a short break. He is still in the community and will come to visit as time allows. We appreciate all he has contributed to his students and peers. We'll miss you!