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Irene Nexica


Office: HUM 318
Phone: (415) 338-1389

Fall 2014 Office Hours:
TH: 5:45 - 6:45 pm

Irene Nexica's PhD work (UC Berkeley) links the British civilizing mission of the 1800s with British popular music in the 1990s, focusing on Britpop and the Spice Girls. She is a cultural critic with training in media studies, cultural studies, gender/queer studies, film studies and ethnic/postcolonial studies. Her first degree from UC Berkeley focused on literature of US women of color, and she has a MA in British Commonwealth Literature from the University of Leeds, UK. Irene is also a film reviewer and journalist. Recent conference presentations have included “Desh/country, desi/native and the borders of identity in contemporary Hindi films,” and “Self-Colonization through Others,” a film presentation at the inaugural Critical Ethnic Studies conference. 

Irene's always had a healthy interest in popular culture, and after her MA she turned her analysis to focus on mass media, especially TV, music and film from Britain and the US. She's especially interested in pop culture's relationships with colonial and postcolonial histories in their countries of origin. Her analysis has recently shifted to focus on mainstream Hindi cinema. She's a Cancer originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. An artist and filmmaker, Irene's photographs were featured in the 2012 Festival des arts à Larroque.

 Her teaching passions include critical thinking, active learning, and “soft skills” like presentation and group work as tools to help students in their post-university lives

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